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What are the Ask.com Q&A Community Guidelines?

Relevant Questions
Post questions that others can actually answer. Statements that are not questions and “Magic 8-Ball” questions that are basically unanswerable, such as “Does he like me?,” “Will I get a puppy for my birthday?,” or “Am I pregnant?” etc aren’t really answerable.

Avoid Poll/Survey Questions

Please refrain from posting chatty forum questions, this vs. that, yes/no, and “What’s your favorite…” type questions. 

Relevant/On-topic Answers
Answers must be relevant and helpful. Don’t be off-topic, posting random thoughts and views. If you don’t know the answer, skip it. Be thoughtful when posting answers. Do not flame others.

Personal Information and Privacy
Your safety is very important to us and posting personally identifying information can be very dangerous. Do not post personal information about yourself or anyone else. This includes, but is not limited to:
•    Home addresses, phone numbers or email addresses
•    Social security numbers
•    Full birth date (dd/mm/yy)
•    Instant Message (IM), Skype handle, etc.    

Bullying, Harassment and Stalking
Stalking other users for any reason and posting anything foul, hurtful, inflammatory, threatening, or embarrassing; including name calling is prohibited.

Hate Speech
Attacking or making derogatory comments about a person or group based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition  is prohibited.

Forcing Views and Beliefs
While many questions require factual answers, there are others that benefit from individual opinions. Personal opinions are certainly welcome, but belligerently or systematically forcing your own views or beliefs on others is not.

Profanity and Adult Content
Sexual health questions are welcome, explicit content is not. Use proper terminology. Slang is inappropriate and profanity is prohibited.

Age Requirements
It is a LEGAL requirement to be 13 or older to use Ask community.  Anyone who we determine to be under 13 will have their account terminated and their questions and answers removed from the site.

Homework Help
We provide a forum for you to get help with your homework. Do not post your homework assignments here and do not ask people to do your homework for you.

Spelling & Grammar
We don’t expect you to be an English scholar, but we do ask that you use proper formatting, grammar, and spelling. All caps and text speak are hard to read and understand and shouldn’t be used here. In addition, as the Ask Community is intended for North American audiences, English is the language we ask everyone to use.

Respect the Law & Others’ Intellectual Property
Do not ask about or give instructions on how to commit illegal acts or harm to others.  And don’t copy/paste answers of others or from other websites.   

Advertising and Spam
Unless you are a Branded Account partner of Ask, don't post links or other references to your online store. Do not spam the site with any unwanted, private, promotional, or repetitive messages.

Inappropriate Usernames and Images
Usernames and images that contain or imply anything vulgar, promote drugs or illegal activities are prohibited.

Report Inappropriate Content
If you see something on Ask that you believe violates our guidelines, please click the ‘report as’ link so a Moderator can review it. Reporting content does not guarantee that it will be removed from the site, but it does guarantee that it will be reviewed. If you wish to no longer see content from a particular category, you may block the category from your view in your Settings.

General Information
Ask reserves the right to remove from the site, at any time and in its sole discretion, any undesired content posted by its members. Ask can also terminate accounts and block the use of the site and its services by repeat offenders or those who knowingly and purposefully post inappropriate content. This includes anyone found using multiple accounts to exploit features, or in a manner that is disruptive to the community. For more information, please see our site Terms of Service.

Community Moderators
Ask Moderators are active and vocal participants inside and outside of Ask, spurring conversations, listening, informing, connecting, and generally making the Ask community a great place. Keeping the Ask community a clean and inviting place for questions and answers is a top priority. While the Ask Moderators do enforce the community guidelines, they are also here to help make your experience within the community as awesome as possible.

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