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Ask.com is my default Internet Explorer home page or search engine in Windows. How do I change it?

Internet Explorer allows you to change your browser home page at any time. In the upper right corner of your Internet Explorer browser window, select the gear icon (as shown below), and then "Internet Options" from the drop down menu. If you cannot find the gear icon, find the row of menus across the top of your computer screen such as File, Edit, View, etc. Click on the menu that says Tools, and from that Tools menu, click on Internet Options. Then proceed to the next step.


Find the section marked "Home page." When you first open Internet Options, the entire home page address should be highlighted in light blue; type the backspace key on your keyboard to delete it. Alternately, use your mouse to select the entire address you see beginning with "http://www.search.ask.com" and delete it with the backspace key. Then, type your desired home page in that space--for example, if you'd like Yahoo as your homepage, type in www.yahoo.com. Once you have typed in your preferred homepage, click "Apply" and then click "OK." 

That's it for your default homepage settings! After making the change to your default homepage, you'll need to open a new Internet Explorer window to see the change. Changing your homepage setting doesn't retroactively affect pages you already had open prior to making the change.

If your homepage doesn't change after doing the above, please verify the following:

  • Make sure you typed a valid page address in place of the Ask address. (e.g. "Yahoo" is not a valid page address, but www.yahoo.com is valid.
  • Make sure the Ask Toolbar isn't also installed, as it may cause the homepage to revert to Ask. Go into your Programs control panel (Start Menu-->Control Panel-->Programs-->Uninstall a Program) and look for the Ask Toolbar, and uninstall it from the control panel. Then go back and try changing your homepage again by following the instructions below.
  • As a last resort, set a default homepage to something that has never been your homepage before (e.g. www.ebay.com or www.cnn.com)--it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it has never been your homepage. If that change works, then go back into Internet Options one final time and type in the address of your desired homepage.

If these steps don't work for you, please check out this article:

Why can't I remove the Ask default homepage from my browser?

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