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Ask.com is my default home page or search engine in Internet Explorer. How do I change it?

Note: You may need to change both your default homepage AND your default search engine, in which case this is a two-step process.

Internet Explorer allows you to change your browser home page at any time. In the Internet Explorer browser command bar, select the gear icon, and then "Internet Options" from the drop down menu. Type your desired home page in the "Home Page" section in the top of the window. 


That's it for your default homepage settings, but to make sure those changes stick, you should also check your default search engine settings.

  • Access the Internet Options menu under "Tools"

  • Under the "General" tab, find the Search section and click the "Settings" button.

  • Find your preferred search engine name in the list and click the "Set as default" button (located at the bottom right of the screen.) If your preferred search engine name is not listed, add it by clicking on the "Find more search providers" link (found on the bottom left of the screen.)

  • You can remove any unwanted search engines from the list (after setting your new default search engine) by highlighting the name and clicking the "Remove" button on the bottom right.

Your browser should now be free of the Ask homepage and search engine!

If these steps don't work for you, please check out this article:

Why can't I remove the Ask default homepage from my browser?

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