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Changing my default homepage back

There are several browser add-on products most of us use regularly (think Oracle’s Java and RealPlayer) that offer Ask search tools as part of the install process. 

We know that it’s easy to click through those screens pretty fast and sometimes that means accidentally downloading something you didn’t want. For that reason, we’ve always been ready to help people change things back when asked. 

Generally speaking, your default homepage can be changed from within your browser’s options. Deleting the Ask.com homepage address in the “default homepage” box and replacing it with the page address of your choice is all it takes. 

If an Ask Search App was also installed, it might also keep the homepage set to Ask, so removing that Search App extension will resolve both situations. Whether on Mac or Windows, going into your browser extensions (or Add-ons, in Firefox) will show you the Ask Search App, and it can be uninstalled from within extensions. The one exception is for Internet Explorer users who do this from the Add/Remove Programs control panel which is found in the Start menu.

For more information, feel free to browse through the specific Help Center articles for your browser and operating system, or click "Talk to Eric" below to get in touch for more personalized help. 

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