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Questions about the Help Center

Searching on Ask.com

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General Questions about Ask.com


Questions about the Help Center

How do I use the Help Center?

The Help Center is designed for quick, easy access to support information, organized by product. Just click on the product you need help with, and go from there. Chances are, you can find your exact problem – and solution – already published as a most popular topic. If not, contacting Customer Support is the quickest way to get resolution for your issue, and you can do that straight from any Help Center page.

How soon can I expect a response?

If it’s Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm PST, response time should be no more than a couple of hours. If it’s a weekend or the middle of the night, well, that might take a bit longer. We do need some shut-eye, after all. But rest assured any and all support requests will get a response within 24 hours -- no ifs ands or buts!

Is there a way to directly contact Ask.com Customer Support?

There's an excellent chance your question is answered in our Help Center, but yes, you can reach us at 510.985.7400 or with an email to our team. Email contacts are usually responded to within one day, and phone contacts typically receive a response within 2-3 days.

Can I Tweet you support questions?

Of course! We love talking to our users on Twitter. Just give us a shout with our handle @AskDotCom – and we’ll respond!

Is there a way to provide product feedback?

Yes, please. We appreciate hearing from our users and getting better at what we do. Filling out this feedback form will ensure your great ideas get to our product teams straight away.

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Searching on Ask.com

How comes things keep changing on the Ask.com search results page? It seems like it’s always different.

We're always looking to improve how we present and deliver answers to our users. As part of our ongoing testing process, you can expect to see changes to our pages from time to time. As always, we want to hear what you think, so please use this form to let us know.

How does Ask.com locate answers to my questions?

Ask.com’s search technology is not just about showing you the most popular sites, but the sites that have the most pertinent content in response to your question. We find the most authoritative sites on the web, and glean answers from there. Being able to identify topic “clusters”, discern specific experts, and rank the popularity of millions of pages amongst that expert content – all within milliseconds – is something our technology is uniquely built to do.

How can I add my business to Ask.com Local Listings?

To add your business (or update an existing business listing), please contact our partner site CityGrid Media. CityGrid maintains the database and provides the information to Ask.com. Alternatively, you can use CityGrid's self-enroll system.

How can I update or block a listing from appearing in Ask.com results?

Please contact the originating site directly regarding this situation and ask them to remove or update the page in question. When their site is updated, our pages will eventually follow suit. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a specific time frame as to when a given page will be updated.

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For Webmasters

How can I make sure my site is in your web index?

Ask outsources core search to various third parties, layering our proprietary index of top-tier content partners on top to ensure we are delivering quality answers. As we are not a traditional search engine, there is no way to ensure inclusion of your site.

How can I stop Ask from crawling my page?

In the event that your site is part of our Q&A database and you notice Ask (as user agent “TEOMA”) crawling your page, here is how you can block it:

Add this line to your site’s robots.txt file, as in this example:

User-agent: Teoma

Disallow: /

If you want Ask.com to crawl some of your site, but not crawl specific pages or directories, list those pages or directories in the robots.txt file, as in this example:

User-agent: Teoma

Disallow: /private

Disallow: /public/dont-crawl-this-page.html

Always be sure that your robots.txt file is located in the top level of your site (e.g. http://www.example.com/robots.txt, not http://www.example.com/some-directory/robots.txt).  Visit this site for more information on the Robots Exclusion Standard.

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The Ask.com Q&A Community

Where can I find the Community Guidelines?

Community Guidelines are available here.

How do I change my username in the Ask.com Q&A Community?

To change your username, please get in touch with our customer support team and include the following information:

  • Your current username
  • The email address your account is registered with
  • Two or three suggestions for a new username

Usernames at Ask.com may contain between 3 and 20 numbers, letters and underscores. No other characters may be used. Also, people who make frequent username change requests may find their requests denied, so be sure to come up with a username you can live with for the long run. And, of course, please do make sure any name you choose is consistent with Ask’s Community Guidelines.

Can I delete a question or answer I posted?

Unfortunately no. We only remove items that violate our community guidelines, otherwise, they are here to stay. This helps other users currently looking for that very answer, as well as future users looking for that same information down the road. Therefore, choose your words wisely!

That said, if you have a specific need for removal of a question or answer, we'd like to hear about it. Please get in touch with our customer support team to explain the circumstances.


The Ask Toolbar

What is the Ask Toolbar?

The Ask Toolbar allows you to search the web using the Ask.com search engine directly from your browser. The Ask Toolbar is free to download and free to use.

To download the Ask Toolbar for Internet Explorer click here.

To download the Ask Toolbar for Firefox click here.

How can I remove the Ask.com Toolbar from my computer?

Complete removal steps are published here.

Does the Ask Toolbar keep track of where I go on the web?

No, the Ask Toolbar does not monitor or report information about where you are traveling or what you do while on the web.

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Ask Mobile Apps

Which platforms support the Ask mobile app?

Ask mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Visit the respective app store for each platform to download it for free.

Do the notifications I receive in the Q&A community also work on Ask for Mobile?

Community notifications are browser-based, and therefore not part of the mobile app experience. However, the mobile apps on both Android and iOS will send push notifications to your mobile device if you have them enabled, and these notifications will alert you to new answers to your questions.

I deleted the mobile app. Did that close my account?

No; in order to close your account, you’ll need to contact Customer Support.

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General questions about Ask.com

How old is Ask.com and where are you located?

Ask.com was founded as Ask Jeeves in 1996, and has been dedicated to answering millions of questions ever since. We are headquartered in Oakland, Calif.

Is Ask.com a search engine?

Ask.com lets you search the web like a search engine does, but we’re different from your average search site in that we aim to deliver answers, not just links. Half of the queries we get are in the form of a natural language question, so it’s our goal to return a straightforward answer. Search technology, like algorithms and our own proprietary Q&A index, uniquely allow Ask to do this.

I read Ask.com doesn’t do search anymore?

We still indeed provide search, however we now outsource broad web search functionality that we then build on top of to create the unique Ask.com experience.

What happened to Jeeves?

Officially, or unofficially? Kidding of course! Officially he retired to London in 2006, but you can still find Jeeves as one of our “themes” on www.ask.com. He’s also hanging out at our UK site, http://uk.ask.com/

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