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How can I change my profile picture in the Ask.com Q&A Community?

First, while logged into your account at www.ask.com, navigate to your own profile page by clicking on your username in the upper right corner of the page. On your profile page, click 'Edit' below your current profile picture. The default image is an orange silhouette; you can update the image by selecting one of the images provided by clicking on 'Choose image from the gallery.' Or you can upload one of your own by clicking 'Browse' and selecting an image from your computer. Please be sure your selection fits within the parameters mentioned on the upload page; also, if your photo isn't square, it will be disproportionately stretched to fit the square profile picture frame at Ask.com.

If you use an Ask.com mobile app, navigate to your profile by tapping "My Profile" at the bottom of the app screen, and then tap directly on your current profile picture. You'll be prompted to select a photo from your photo library on your mobile device, or take a new picture using your device's built-in camera (if equipped).

Note: tablet device users (whether iOS or Android) cannot upload a picture from the device's library when using Ask.com via the tablet's web browser. Use a computer/web browser or the Ask.com mobile app to make profile picture changes to something from your own library on your tablet.

Another note: A small number of users are currently finding the "save changes" button to not work when trying to change a profile picture via the web site. If this happens to you, please try a different web browser on your computer, and see if a different browser lets you make the change. If it does, it means your original browser has an Ask.com cookie that needs to be deleted and replaced; if the second browser still won't let you make the change, send Eric a note including the following information:

1. What two web browsers you tried

2. What operating system is on your computer

3. The exact date and time this problem happened (if you can convert to Pacific time, that's great - if not, let him know what time zone you're in)

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